As promised, we are back this week with some beauty tips that you’ll love and will make your summer a loving one when it comes to makeup.

I know you are asking yourselves, what about the mask? We may have a solution for that problem. The key to making the most of beauty this summer is to create a big impact with little effort.
So when “The Heat Is On” and the mask too, feel free to ditch the full coverage products and focus on brows and lashes instead; semi-permanent solutions are practically made for summer.

We encourage you to try brow tinting and keep arches on point. If you are looking to go au naturel, consider trying a lash serum to grow your lashes to their full potential. If you want a serious impact with little effort, lash extensions are the obvious choice.
Always make sure to consult and ask the professionals about services and products. Remember you can always adjust your beauty regimen to your personal needs.

Have a loving rest of Summer!

Tri-State Cosmetology Institute