Textbook List

*Textbook prices are given for informational purposes only. You will be given the option of including your textbooks and student kit/supplies in your enrollment agreement or purchasing them separately on your own.  For more information please contact the admissions department at 915.533.8274.

Title, ISBN & Price

English Cosmetology 

Milady Standard Cosmetology CIMA Access 9780357873441

Milady Cosmetology Textbook 9780357871492 $121.67

Milady Cosmetology Workbook 9780357922170 $106.66

Milady Cosmetology Exam Review 9780357379103 $27.80

English Manicuring 

Milady Nail Technology CIMA Access 9780357812570

Milady Nail Technology Textbook 9780357446867 $112.84

Milady Nail Technology Workbook 9780357482865 $112.84

Milady Nail Technology Exam Review 9780357871485 $39.95

English Esthetics

Milady Esthetics CIMA Access 9780357812563

Milady Foundations and Esthetics Textbook 9780357263792 $119.71

Milady Esthetics Workbook 9780357482841 $62.19

Milady Esthetics Exam Review 9780357871478 $42.53